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What does immigration law entail?

Immigration law governs the admission and deportation of foreign nationals into and from the Netherlands. Two important areas include the right to asylum and ‘normal’ immigration law.

  • Asylum law generally concerns the submission of an asylum application (a written request for a residence permit). You will only be granted asylum status and thereby receive a residence permit if you have good reason to fear for your safety in your country of origin.
  • ‘Ordinary’ immigration law is less specific and encompasses many different options for legally staying in the Netherlands.

When do you need a lawyer?

When submitting a residence permit application it is important to be assisted by an immigration lawyer. In the case of an application refusal or withdrawal, such assistance may be imperative. Equally, when applying for a visa, an immigration lawyer can help you the best. Essentially, an expert lawyer will be able to determine whether the submission of a visa, or residence permit application is the most advantageous move for your situation.

Immigration law contains different rules when applying for different permits. A distinction is made between:


Living and staying:

Family Reunification

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A lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive!

This will be apparent from the price indications that you will receive from various lawyers.
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