Divorcing in the Netherlands, how does it work?

Divorce in the Netherlands

If you are getting a divorce in the Netherlands, a lot of arrangements need to be made. For instance, filing for divorce and preparing a parental plan (if you have children) etc. Since a divorce is often a very emotional process, it is very important to manage everything for the future. It is therefore very important that a good lawyer, with experience in international family law, helps and advises you through this process.

Lawspot.nl for divorce in the Netherlands

At Lawspot.nl you can choose between several lawyers who have expertise in the field of international matrimonial law. It could be the case that you were married in the Netherlands, or that your spouse has Dutch nationality.

Complex reasons divorce in the Netherlands

There might be other complex reasons for divorcing in the Netherlands and for this you will need expert legal advice. Some important aspects of the divorce process are pointed out below:

  • In the Netherlands, a lawyer must file an application for divorce at Court.
  • Parental plan: if you have children then, according to Dutch law, both parents will keep their parental authority after the divorce. As parents, you are both required to make a parenting plan when submitting a petition for divorce. A number of issues are settled in the plan, such as where the children’s main residence will be.
  • Alimony: you may be obliged to financially support your partner. Spousal support cannot last longer than 12 years. Where children are involved, you may also be obliged to pay child alimony.
  • In order to make the divorce official it must be recorded on the Civil Register once a Judge has approved it.

Besides these situations, it’s possible that you have other legal issues that are related to (Dutch) family law. Lawspot.nl can help you to find a lawyer who is an expert in this field of law.

Hiring a lawyer does not need to be expensive

This should become clear after reading the price indications from the affiliated lawyers. You might also qualify for government reimbursement towards the cost of legal assistance. Contact us if you would like to know more about this.

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